REVIEW: NEW PONY Effect S/S 2016 Collection!

Today, I'm reviewing something super exciting for you guys... the new PONY Effect Spring/Summer Collection! ^ o ^ Pony did a complete 180º for this collection -- her previous collection had a more hip, cool-girl vibe to it, but the newly released collection looks so luxurious, classy, and absolutely elegant!

The PONY Effect S/S 2016 Collection includes the Sharping Brow Definer, Contoured Brow Color, Stay Put Eye Sticks, Favorite Fluid Lip Tints, and the Pebble Blender! As a Memebox Ambassador, I was lucky enough to have received an amazing package from Memebox filled with a few of these items to review and swatch for you guys. My makeup look using all of the products featured are at the very bottom of the review! :)

SO, without further ado, let's jump right in to the review! :D


The PONY Effect S/S 2016 Collection includes the Sharping Brow Definer, Contoured Brow Color, Stay Put Eyestick, Favorite Fluid Lip Tint, and the Pebble Blender!

Pony outdid herself with this new collection, especially with the jaw-dropping and drool-worth packaging. I mean seriously, the rose gold and black theme she went with is absolutely gorgeous and just exudes luxuriousness and class.

The Sharping Brow Definer helps you create full brows with hair-like strokes. This ultra-skinny 1.5mm pencil allows ultimate precision while the spooley brush gives a natural finish.

The Sharping Brow Definer comes in 5 different shades:

The Sharping Brow Definer is a super skinny brow pencil that makes filling in your eyebrow a piece of cake! This double-ended pencil comes with a 1.5mm brow pencil on one end and an attached spooley brush on the other end. The ultra thin brow pencil not only makes it easy to outline and fill in brows, but it also allows you to manually draw in hairs in areas where your brows might be sparse.

These brow pencils are the answer to all of your wishes because they are seriously THE BOMB. I own the ever-popular Anastasia Brow Wiz and honestly, I couldn't tell a difference between these two products, so yes, I definitely do think this is the PERFECT dupe for the Brow Wiz. This brow pencil is nicely pigmented, but still very natural looking -- it doesn't make your brows look too fake, or waxy, or drawn-on at all. The formula isn't creamy at all, and it's rather stiff, but that's ideal for achieving a more natural looking brow!

Because of its small size, it's able to gently move between your hairs and also draw a very smooth line. Plus, they're easily blendable with the spooley. The spooley helps to not only shape your brows, but also blend out the brown pencil beautifully and seamlessly so you're left with no harsh lines.

The two colors I received were Deep Brown and Ash Brown. Deep brown is a dark chocolate brown that's recommended for dark brown hair, while Ash Brown is a grey-brown recommended for dark brown to black hair with cool ashy tones.

Best of all? There's no obvious or awkward red undertone with the brown brow products. I have naturally dark blackish-brown hair and it's always a struggle for me to find brown brow pencils that match my hair color without being too light or having a red undertone. Ash Brown is a light ashy grey with a teeny tiny hint of brown, which is probably best for those with black hair, but surprisingly, Deep Brown also works really well for me! Deep Brown is a brown, but it's dark enough and doesn't have an obvious red undertone to it, so it's able to blend in with black hair. However if your hair is mostly black or has cool ashy tones, I'd definitely recommend getting the Ash Brown, but I've tried both and couldn't go wrong with either one.

Sharping Brow Definer in Deep Brown (Left) and Ash Brown (Right)

If you're stuck between choosing, Ash Brown is much lighter than Deep Brown in the pigmentation department, so I suggest going for Ash Brown if you're only looking to lightly fill in your brows. I'd recommend Deep Brown for those that want to have darker colored brows (in terms of pigmentation).

In the photos below, you can see that my right brow, where I used Deep Brown, is slightly darker and a little bit warmer than the left brow (Ash Brown).

The Sharping Brow Definer retails for $13 and is available in all 5 shades on HERE

The Contoured Brow Color is a 180º double-sided brush that combs your eyebrows hair by hair, to tame and fill them in with a natural color tint. It gives you a more refined and softer look. With the variety of strong water resistant colors, pair your brows with your hair color, leaving them to a fuller and natural looking brows for hours.

The Contoured Brow Color comes in 5 different shades:

The Contoured Brow Color is essentially a tinted eyebrow gel that gives you fuller brows while also keeping your eyebrow hairs in place. Being a girl with naturally black hair, I was weary about this brow gel since none of the shades came in my color (black or ash brown). Luckily, that's where the shade Customizing comes into play!

Customizing is a fair ivory hue that can be used to prime and neutralize the natural color of your hair. This allows you to use lighter Contoured Brow Colors without having to dye your hair! The Customizing shade conceals the original color of your brows, which you can then go in and coat your brows with a color of your choice. The Customizing shade is a great alternative if you want to temporarily change your eyebrow color for a day without having to commit to it!

I decided to go with Deep Brown, since I wanted the most natural looking one for my dark hair. Deep Brown is described as a warm brown, but with my experience, it was more of a warm chocolatey brown. Surprisingly, I was very happy with this shade! Even though it wasn't black or ash brown, it still worked well with my brows and gave it a slight chocolate brown tint that wasn't over-the-top and actually very natural-looking!

The applicator is so unique because it has short bristles on one side of the brush, while the other side is composed of long bristles. The best way to use this is to use the shorter part of the brush to brush backwards from the arch of the brow to the inner corner, so you're essentially going against the direction of how your hair naturally grows. Then, using the longer part of the brush, lightly brush from the inner part of the brow to the tail, shaping and sculpting the brows into place.

My brows were able to stay tamed and in place throughout the whole day. It's incredibly long-lasting and even water-resistant! My brows looked much fuller and more put-together with this brow gel. :D

The Contoured Brow Color retails for $15 and is available in all 5 shades HERE!

Swipe, blend, and go - effortlessly master natural to smokey eye makeup looks with the Stay Put Eye Stick! Designed with a sliding gel formula, it glides on the skin like a dream, blends easily, and sets to be completely smudge-free.

The Stay Put Eye Stick comes in 12 different shades, with matte, shimmery, and glitter/sparkly finishes. Four of the shades are completely matte, but the three I have and will be reviewing today is: CUP OF JOE, ROSE DRESS, and DEEP FOCUS!

Cup of Joe: matte buff

Rose Dress: matte dry rose (rose-brown)

Deep Focus: cool-toned matte brown

The Stay Put Eye Stick is a eyeshadow crayon that's super easy to use -- you just swipe and blend! The sticks are relatively thin and skinny (4.5mm), which allows easy control and precision when getting into small corners and crevices. Because of it's skinny size, it could also double up as a liner!

The texture of the eyeshadow stick is velvety smooth and creamy. They're really easy to blend, and can be blended out with either a brush or your fingertips. However, I prefer using my finger tips and I even recommend it! I like to use my finger tips to 'melt' the eyeshadow on to my lids and blend it upward and outward. Personally, I think it looks the best when using fingertips since it is a creamy shadow!

One important thing to note about these eyeshadow sticks is that they're incredibly long-lasting and once they dry, they don't budge whatsoever. SO, it's SUPER important to be quick with application and to blend as soon as you apply the shadow. I like to complete each eye separately or else they'll dry and it'll be impossible to blend once they set.

There is 0.8g of product in each eyeshadow stick, and I wish there was more! The stick is already really skinny, so I was surprised to see that there's not a ton of product in each one. The entire eyeshadow portion is about as long as 3/4 the size of the cap, and that's not much in my opinion. :(

The Stay Put Eye Stick retails for $15 and is available in all 12 shades HERE!

Complete your look with vibrant, luscious lips thanks to the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint. Pony designed the perfect lip tint formula that doesn't settle into fine lines like traditional water-type tint or apply blotchy like oil-type tint. Favorite Fluid Lip Tint features a Moisture Fit System that keeps both the color and shine intact for hours.

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint comes in 5 shades:

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint is hands-down my favorite lip tint of ALL time. I'm not sure what it is, but the formula is SO amazing. It has a gel-like/water-type formula that not only feels moisturizing on the lips, but IS moisturizing! It goes on smoothly and doesn't settle into fine lines, cling to dry spots, or dry out the lips... It's literally perfect! Especially for someone who suffers from always having dry lips (yours truly), I was so amazed and shocked at how the lip tint didn't cause my lips to wrinkle up or crack even after several hours of wear. Not to mention, this beauty is long-lasting!

I received the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint in the shade #Be Agape, which is described as a burgundy red, but I found it to be more of a vibrant berry red.

Attached to the twist-off cap is a thin and flat applicator. The tip of the applicator is flexible and bends to fit your lips for easier application, and I find this to be ideal for lip tints!

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint also has a lovely shiny finish and wonderful color payoff. It's very bright, pigmented, and surprisingly long-lasting despite its shiny finish. The shiny finish lasts several hours on me, but it does transfer easily. However, I'd still say it's long-lasting because it leaves back a gorgeous stain that stays all day.

Another awesome feature of this lip tint is that despite it having a glossy/shiny finish, it's not sticky or greasy at all! I seriously thing that this lip tint is perfect for ALL occasions, whether you're wearing natural or heavy makeup. Plus, it smells like watermelon candy!

I like to wear the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint as both a gradient lip for a softer look, or an all-over lip tint for a more vibrant and bold look!

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tint retails for $16.50 and all 5 shades are available HERE!

This anti-bacterial Pebble Blender will ensure an even blend of cream to liquid makeup. With its multi-faceted pebble design, you can get a seamless application with no spots left behind. 

The Pebble Blender comes in 2 super cute colors: Lilac or Powder Blue!

The Pebble Blender is incredibly versatile! It can be used both wet or dry and with cream or liquid makeup products. When used dry, the blender gives high coverage with a smooth, satin to matte finish. However, when used wet, the blender gives a more natural and dewy finish! To use it wet, wet the blender in lukewarm water and squeeze out excess water, just like how you would a beauty blender. The Pebble Blender will expand 30% to hold moisture throughout application. When used wet, it gives my foundation a gorgeous natural glow!

Expanded 30% when wet

The sponge's shape allows it to reach every nook and cranny. The round base can be used to dab the larger areas of the face like the forehead, cheeks, and chin. The pointed side and edges can be used for more hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose and underneath the eyes. I already own the beautyblender, but I personally prefer to use the Pebble Blender because of it's unique shape. The slanted edges really help to reach every single area on my face with ease.

The Pebble Blender retails for $12 and is available in both shades, HERE!


Here are some photos of my completed makeup look using all of the products reviewed today! I ended up layering the Sharping Brow Definer in Ash Brown and Deep Brown together to fill in my brows :)


Overall, the new PONY Effect collections is amazing! I loved almost every single product she came out with, but if I had to choose the ones I'd recommend the most, I would have to say go for both of the brow products and the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint! The Stay Put Eye Sticks are decent, but I'm a little bit salty at how much product is included LOL. The Pebble Blender is also a really good tool to have, but it's not something I deem as a must-have or must-try.

The Spring/Summer collection is definitely a solid collection that I give two thumbs up for and I promise, you won't regret trying these out!


The entire Pony Effect S/S 2016 Collection is available HERE!


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains affiliate links.

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