REVIEW: Etude House Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes + Pink Vital Water (March Pink Bird Box)

For the month of March, Etude House released several new makeup and skincare lines including the Toning White C Line, the Pink Vital Water Line, and even some new Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles! Luckily, my Pink Bird Box was filled with a few of these products and I finally got to test them all out.

So without further ado, let's get straight to the review! :D


The new Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles include 10 brand new shades all perfect for the spring and summer seasons. These new eyeshadows have either a sparkly pearlized finish, or a smooth and silky matte finish.

The four shades I received are: PK008  |  PP509  |  BR421  |  BR422

PK008 - a pale peachy-pink with a matte finish

PP509 - a soft pastel lavender with a matte finish

BR421 - a pearlized vintage gold shadow with light shimmers

BR422 - a warm medium brick red (reddish-brown) in a matte finish

Out of the four shades I received, all of them were matte except the BR421. Normally, I'm a fan of Etude House eyeshadows, but their matte shades tend to be disappointing and that's unfortunately the case here. These shadows feel powdery and borderline chalky on the lid. They kick up quite a bit of powder when dipping a brush into the pan as well as a significant amount of fallout when applied to the lid. As you can see in the swatches on my eyelid, some shades covered my lashes in a lot of powdery fallout! :(

Performance-wish these shadows are too light and have poor color payoff. These four particular shades are all lacking in pigmentation and are very sheer. However, these shadows would be good for everyday natural makeup looks where you want a light wash of color, but nothing too noticeable or bold. I still like to use these for very simple makeup looks to add a small wash of color to the lids in order to brighten up the eye.

In addition to the new Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes single shadows, Etude House released two limited edition custom eyeshadow palettes! The two palettes come in a light blue shade which fits 8 eyeshadows or a light pink that fits 4 shadows. I received the pink palette and it comes with a decently sized mirror, 4 slots for the eyeshadow pans, and a little double ended eyeshadow applicator. The super cute custom palette holds 4 Look At My Eyes single shadows, which are really easy to depot and remove from their original packaging! If you didn't know, all of the Look At My Eyes single shadows have a small hole on the back of the packaging, which makes depotting a piece of cake!

To depot, peel off the sticker on the back of the eyeshadow single and stick a skinny pin or needle through the hole. The eyeshadow pan should pop right out! Unfortunately, these eyeshadow pans are NOT magnetic and the custom palettes are not either. They are specially designed to hold the Look At My Eyes single shadows and they surprisingly stay in place and don't move around at all.


The Pink Vital Water Serum is a new-concept, vitality-charging moisturizing essence containing an anti-oxidant water droplet formula effectively penetrates into skin without leaving any shine or sticky feel on skin as it lightly spreads on skin.

The Pink Vital Water Serum is the most exciting part of the box for me! I just absolutely love it when Etude House comes out with new skincare lines especially when it comes in adorable packaging like this one. The Pink Vital Water Serum comes in a super cute pink and white pump bottle that looks just like a mini water bottle!

This serum contains 75.54% Pink Peach Water and it even has a faint artificial peach scent that smells delicious! The Pink Vital Water Serum is super lightweight and feels almost like water on the skin. Etude House claims that it has an "anti-oxidant water droplet formula" meaning that during application, when you rub it in, it turns into tiny water droplets as it's being applied. I can totally vouch for this and trust me, it's not a gimmick. The tiny water droplets do form which is why it feels like water on the skin!

 I have noticed on the packaging that Etude House uses the word 'serum' and 'essence' interchangeably specifically with this product, which is very true since it can pass as a lightweight serum or as one of the thicker kinds of essences. It is a white watery serum that spreads and applies easily -- it turns into a thin water-like texture as you rub it in! It absorbs super quickly and easily leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I also noticed a slight cooling effect with this serum and I believe it's due to the Pink Peach Water!

Here's a close-up where you can see the tiny water droplets that formed as I rubbed it in!

The Pink Vital Water Serum leaves my skin feeling much more moisturized and revitalized. The slight cooling effect wakes my skin up and it just feels more brand new. It truly does give your skin moisturizing energy! Best of all? It has a hydrating finish that's not sticky or greasy as all, but instead leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.


The Toning White C Bright Kit is a little sample kit that comes with 4 different products from the Toning White C line. The products in the kit include the Clear Toner, Radiance Emulsion, the Tone Up Cream, and the Double Effect Sleeping Pack!

The Toning White C line is pretty solid line, but the most noticeable products out of the kit, for me at least, would have to be the Tone Up Cream and the Double Effect Sleeping Pack! I noticed that I woke up with a brighter complexion and improved skin texture when using both of the products. My usual dehydrated skin was hydrated and moisturized all throughout the night, plus all the dry/rough patches were gone by morning. My face looked a lot more brighter and had a more luminous glow to it!

Unfortunately, I didn't notice a brightening effect with the Clear Toner or the Radiance Emulsion. They both came in 15ml bottles, but that only lasts me a few days and I needed to use more of the product in order to see if it creates a difference in my skin. I think they're products that don't give instant results, but may give results after a week or a few weeks of use. But because I only had a few days worth, I can't quite give a thorough review on it.

I think these types of mini kits are perfect for testing out the new line, or for bringing along for travel. They come in convenient little jars and containers that are great for bringing on trips where you don't want to lug around 10+ bottles and jars of skincare!


Out of the products I reviewed today, I'd definitely recommend trying out the Pink Vital Water Serum! It has such a unique water-like texture that absorbs very easily into the skin leaving you with a hydrated, refreshed, and revitalized complexion! Plus, who can resist the super cute packaging and delicious peach scent? It makes me excited to try out the rest of the Pink Vital Water line of products!

Though I do love Etude House Look At My Eyes single shadows, I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the newly released Color Flower Lesson ones. They were just too sheer, powdery, and lacking in pigmentation for my tastes, but I do like how they released adorable custom eyeshadow palettes for you to depot the pans into! However, the eyeshadows give a very light wash of color onto the lids, which is great for everyday natural makeup.


The entire Pink Vital Water collection, new Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes single shadows, and custom palettes are available at!

Products reviewed today:
- The Pink Vital Water Serum (2.70 fl oz. / 80 ml) retails for $20.40 and is available, HERE
- The Color Flower Lesson Look At My Eyes single shadows (0.07 oz / 2 g) retail for $4.60 and is available, HERE
- The Color Flower Lesson Custom Palette retails for $7.80 and is available, HERE

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.


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