REVIEW + SWATCHES: Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad (Be Romantic, Eternal Seduction, Embrown)

Hi loves! I'm finally back with another review of Pony's NEW Pony Effect Essentials Collection! ^ o ^ I'm so sorry about the long wait and the long hiatus -- I've just been swamped with summer school and work and haven't had the time to really sit down and blog until now! So without further ado, lets get to the review! :D

I've previously reviewed a whole bunch of products from the PONY Effect S/S 2016 line last month, HERE, but to my complete surprise, Pony outdid herself and released a whole new set of products! The second round of newly released products in the PONY Effect Essentials Collection includes the Conceptual Eyes Quads, the Contouring Master Palette, FIVE new shades of the Favorite Fluid Lip Tint, the Profection Liner in 3 shades, and the Luminous Boosting Mask!

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on a few of these new products, thanks to Veronica and the incredibly sweet Memebox team, which I'll be reviewing for you today! :) Since there's so many products, I decided to split up the reviews, so stay tuned for the rest of the products. For now, let's take a look at the Conceptual Eyes Quad!


One eyeshadow quad, endless possibilities! Pony has hand-picked 4 complimentary shades that look beautiful on their own, and also mixed together to create many different looks and feels!

Pony released a total of 6 different Conceptual Eyes Quads and they all contain different but equally gorgeous shades with each mini palette containing 4 eyeshadow pans. Each palette is completely different from the rest with some being perfect for natural makeup looks while others are more bold and geared towards smokey and sultry eyes!

The Conceptual Eyes Quad comes in:
Be Romantic   |   Innocent   |   Lively   |   So Gorgeous   |   Eternal Seduction   |   Embrown

First of all, how gorgeous is the packaging for her palettes?! They come in a dark navy, almost borderline black, and rose-gold compact that's extremely lightweight. It has a secure magnetic closure that makes opening and closing the quad a breeze. The palettes can open all the way, 180 degrees, which I personally really like, but you can also adjust the angle of the palettes any way you like.

Also, at the magnetic opening edge of the palette, there's Pony's tiny Pony Effect logo, the lightning bolt! How cute!

Each quad is about the size of my palm and is the perfect size for carrying in a purse or traveling with! Plus, there's a mirror included in every palette so you could do your eye makeup anywhere. The palette weighs 6g, so each eyeshadow pan has 1.5g of product, which is pretty decent for the price tag (not factoring in the AH-MAZING quality of the shadows, but I'll get into that shortly).

I personally liked how she didn't create a huge palette but rather quads that contained a select few shades. This makes it easy to create looks because all of the shades in the palette compliment one another and go incredibly well together! Pony did us a favor and took out the guess-work when creating eye looks, which also saves us a bunch of time! Though, I do wish I had all of the shades she created, but I'll just have to pick up the other palettes! :D

I received the Conceptual Eyes Quad in the shades #Be Romantic#Eternal Seduction, and #Embrown.

#Be Romantic contains mostly warm shades in the pink/rose-gold family perfect for romantic and feminine looks.

Love Me - a warm shimmery champagne
Roses - a warm matte rosy peach
Moment - a shimmery golden bronze
Doom - a matte reddish-burgundy

The #Be Romantic quad contains two shades in matte finishes and two in shimmery finishes. Roses and Doom are both matte, while Love Me and Moment are shimmer. I'm more of a shimmery shadow type of girl because I love shades that really make your eyes pop and Love Me and Moment are both stunning.

All of the shadows were surprisingly buttery and velvety to the touch with incredible pigmentation. However, the shimmery shadows are the most intense compared to the matte shades. Moment is my personal favorite out of the quad because its so saturated and looks metallic!

 Though the pigmentation of the matte shades weren't as intense or strong, it definitely is buildable. The matte shades, especially Doom, were a slightly chalky when applied and kicked up quite a bit of excess powder in the pan. However, the shimmery shades were amazing and I have no complaints! All of the shadows blended seamlessly together and were long-lasting even without a primer. Without a primer they lasted about 8 hours on me with no creasing which is fantastic!

#Eternal Seduction contains a beautiful mixture of cool-toned purples and pinks that can be used to create neutral day looks or sultry and smokey eyes. This palette is my ideal go-to that's perfect for an easy day-to-night look!

Magnetism - a shimmery silvery taupe with silver glitters
Enticement - a matte medium taupe
Decoy - a cool-toned shimmery rose-gold
Bait - a dark shimmery puce (purple brown)

#Eternal Seduction is my favorite quad out of all the ones Pony released! This palette contains only one matte shade, Enticement, and the rest of the three shades have shimmery finishes. What makes this palette my favorite is that all of the shades have amazing pigmentation with just one swipe and applies very smoothly, even Enticement which was a matte!

The shades Magnetism, Decoy, and Bait all have shimmery finishes, but Decoy and Bait are the ones that had noticeable bits of microglitter in the pans. However, all of the eyeshadows felt very silky to the touch and there was very little fallout, if any! All of the shadows applied very smoothly onto the lid and blended almost effortlessly, even the ones with microglitter in them. I also didn't have a problem with Enticement being chalky -- it actually applied very evenly unlike a few of the other matte shades in the other quads!

#Embrown is probably the most practical quad out of the bunch because it contains both warm and cool-toned neutral browns! It's perfect for every day wear and can be dressed up or down.

Ecru - a matte yellow-brown 
Biscuit - a cool-toned medium ashy brown
Tawny - a shimmery copper-bronze
Tanned - a dark matte mocha brown

#Embrown is the palette that I find myself reaching for the most. It contains two warm-toned browns, Ecru and Tawny, and two cool-toned ones, Biscuit and Tanned. Out of the four shades, three are matte and only one comes in a shimmery finish. I'm always reaching for this quad because you just can't go wrong with this one! It's perfect for natural everyday makeup looks whether you want to add simple contour and definition to the eyelids or jazz it up a bit and create a sultry brown smokey eye.

As I've mentioned before, all of the shadows feel very smooth, but a few of these shades can be hit or misses when it comes to the pigmentation and ease of application. The shimmery shadow in this palette, Tawny, is absolutely gorgeous and has fantastic pigmentation with just one swipe of the finger. However, the matte shades can be a bit iffy. Ecru, Biscuit, and Tanned had decent pigmentation but they felt slightly chalky when applying and kicked up a bit of excess powder in the pan. Thankfully though, all of the matte shadows are buildable, so you have to work a little more to get the matte shades to be decent, but it's not impossible!


Overall, the Conceptual Eyes Quads are definitely a must-have on my list. All of the shadows feel very silky and soft to the touch and a majority of them apply very smoothly onto the lid. Most of the eyeshadows Pony created are extremely pigmented to the point where I can't even believe they're powder eyeshadows. Some of the shimmery shadows are so intensely saturated that they look borderline metallic and down-right gorgeous. I have absolutely no complaints about the shimmery shadows! The mattes on the other hand are not as pigmented as the shimmery ones and can be a bit chalky when applying, but are still very blendable and buildable so you can build them up to an intensity that you like. They require a bit more work and effort than the shimmery shadows, but still look gorgeous in the end.

One important thing I do want to mention is that I know Korean eyeshadows tend to have the reputation for being too sheer, poorly pigmented, and paling in comparison to Western shadows. HOWEVER, these Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quads are NOT your average Korean shadows. These are so crazy pigmented that a lot of these shadows are on par or even better than Western brands in my opinion, like Urban Decay, Tarte or Too Faced. Pony definitely knew what she was doing when she created these! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH!


The Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad retails for $30 and is available HERE!


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains affiliate links.

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