REVIEW: Labiotte Wine Angle Mascara (01 Lash Fixer + 02 Volume Fixer) + BB Cosmetic Coupon

Labiotte, the brand known for their super popular Wine Lip Tints (review here), have done it again by adding on more products to their wine collection! Labiotte quickly claimed the spot as one of my favorite Korean beauty brands because they not only manage to have super cute packaging (who can resist wine-shaped things?!), but also high quality formulas that actually work.

Today, I'll be reviewing and comparing the Labiotte Wine Angle Mascara in 01 Lash Fixer and 02 Volume Fixer, which I received from BB Cosmetic! Not only do these products come in cute little wine bottles too, but these mascaras both contain wine extracts (Sepivinol) from France that lengthens the lashes, adds volume, and is also meant to nourish the lashes. Mascara and a lash treatment in one? Count me in!

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The Chateau Labiotte Wine Angle Mascara makes the eyelashes look edgy and bold for long hours, even without the use of a curler! The Lash Curl Mascara expresses edgy, slim eyelashes while the Volume Curl Mascara provides distinct volume.

INGREDIENTS: Unfortunately, I was unable to find a full ingredients list for either of the mascaras. The only known ingredient is the grape wine extracts (Sepivinol).
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 8g per mascara
RETAIL PRICE: $8.56 per mascara

The Wine Angle Mascara comes in two different types: the #01 Lash Fixer and #02 Volume Fixer. Packaging-wise, they both come in adorable wine bottle packaging similar to the the Wine Lip Tints, but are significantly taller. The only physical difference between the two, in respect to their outer packaging, is that the Lash Fixer has a brown bottle neck and the Volume Fixer has a purple neck. I am completely OBSESSED with the wine bottle shaped mascara tubes and Labiotte seriously always wins the packaging game, hands-down.

Another significant difference between the two is in the mascara wands. Both have curved wands that aid in giving the lashes a natural curling effect when using the mascara. Though it does help give my lashes a lift, it doesn't compare to what an eyelash curler can do, so I'd still recommend using one in conjunction with these mascaras!

Despite both mascaras having curved wands, the shapes differ drastically. The Lash Fixer has an extremely angled and curved C-shape brush that tapers off slightly at the end.

On the other hand, the Volume Fixer comes with a gradually curved brush that gently tapers off at the end. This brush is also noticeably slimmer when compared to the Lash Fixer. It's like the less intense version!

The difference between the two mascaras doesn't stop there. The Lash Fixer is meant to help lengthen lashes and includes black hair fibers that clings to natural lashes making them appear both longer and fuller. I love these types of fiber mascaras because it gives the false-lash appearance, but without having to wear falsies. Plus it doesn't irritate the eyes!

If you're familiar with the Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer, then this one is very similar. However, I prefer the Labiotte Lash Fixer because the fibers are in a black mascara, whereas the Etude House one is just a clear mascara.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the wand. The brush itself is so big and curved that it makes it a little hard to use. It takes a little learning and getting use to, but in the end, I think the formula makes it worth it. The fibers in the mascara stick really well to the lashes giving it an immediate lengthening effect! My lashes look noticeably longer, fuller, and more defined. It doesn't provide the lashes with much volume, but that's what the Volume Fixer is for.

With the Lash Fixer, the fibers temporarily gives my lashes an extension and I love it! This is not only a good everyday mascara, but it's also a great occasion mascara when you want to have longer lashes without the commitment of a lash extension or you just don't want to wear false lashes!

The Volume Fixer focuses more on giving the lashes volume and definition. Unlike the 01 Lash Fixer, this one doesn't appear to contain any lash fibers as far as I can tell. The mascara is a rich carbon black that helps give the lashes a fuller appearance.

The brush wand is much more conventional and easier to use than the Lash Fixer. It's slimmer and has a more gradual curve that's able to grasp a hold onto each and every lash much more easily.

My lashes look noticeably longer and fuller with this mascara, though not as long as it does with the Lash Fixer. It helps add much more volume than the first one though and I love how it manages to evenly coat each individual lash without clumping up! For me, this is the perfect everyday mascara!

As for the actually color of the mascaras, both are the same dark carbon black! As far as I can see, there's no difference between the shades of either one. The mascara also dries fairly quickly and even though they're not waterproof, they don't smudge or budge throughout the day. I tend to have watery eyes (I even cry when I yawn) and was able to go through 12 hours without a single smudge. What I like about these mascaras is that they wash off almost effortlessly with water. There's no struggling whatsoever when removing this mascara, and it doesn't leave any tough residues!

The real star of the product here though is the formula. I was skeptical at first about it containing nourishing wine extracts, since I've rarely heard of any mascara containing such rich ingredients, however, I actually do feel a difference with this mascara on when compared to others! I can't say much about it nourishing my lashes after taking it off, but when I have it on the formula doesn't make my lashes feel stiff or brittle and it doesn't flake off throughout the day. Instead, my eyelashes are very flexible, touchable and they feel conditioned when I'm wearing it. The formula is very light on the lashes and doesn't weigh it down at all. It holds my curl so well and even after 12 hours of wear, my lashes look like they just got curled!


The Labiotte Wine Angle Mascara is one of the best K-beauty mascaras I've yet to try and for the price, I don't think you could beat it. It's very affordable and the quality of the mascara is just SO good! If you want more of a lengthening mascara, I'd recommend getting the Lash Fixer, but for a volumizing one, the Volume Fixer is the way to go! I personally like to use both - I start off with the Lash Fixer so the fibers can stick to my natural lashes giving them an extension, and then go back in with a second coat of the Volume Fixer to give my fringe a fuller look.

I'm not a huge fan of the wand in the Lash Fixer since it's a little too big for my liking, but I love how the mascara gives my lashes a falsie effect! The wand in the Volume Fixer is much easier to use in comparison, but overall, both mascaras work just as they claim to.

The best part about these mascaras is that they're light on the lashes, they hold a curl, and they don't clump or flake throughout the day. Plus, my lashes feel very bendable and conditioned with this mascara on! It's incredibly long-lasting and they don't transfer onto the lids even after 12 hours of wear, so if you're looking for a trusty mascara, I HIGHLY recommend this! 


The Labiotte Wine Angle Mascara (8g) currently retails for $8.56 and is available in 01 Lash Fixer and 02 Volume Fixer, HERE! They are also both available on Amazon, HERE.

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  1. I absolutely adore the packaging of this! Would you recommend buying both or just one in particular? :)

    1. Isn't it just the cutest?! :D Yes, I do think both are really good and would recommend them. It really depends on what you're looking for. Personally, I like 01 Lash Fixer the most because it gave my lashes a much longer appearance, and I love how it has fibers in it that attach to my lashes! On the other hand, 02 Volume Fixer adds volume, but doesn't lengthen that well.