UNBOXING: EsianMall Beauty Box October 2016

There has been numerous Asian beauty subscription boxes popping up lately, but one that's stood out to me recently is the EsianMall Beauty Box! The EsianMall Beauty Box aims to satisfy your Asian beauty cravings, while putting a unique spin on it by incorporating "themed" boxes and including at least one fun "geek chic" gift. 

EsianMall kindly sent me their October Beauty Box, which I'll be unboxing and giving my first impressions with today!


The EsianMall Beauty Box is a monthly subscription beauty box that features Asian beauty products. It is geared towards "geeks and gamers", which is why they include one geek-chic gift in every box. However, if you're not a "geek" or "gamer", don't fret because the beauty products inside this box will still satisfy your AB cravings. 

WHAT'S IN IT: Asian cosmetics from mainly Korea and Japan (mostly skincare) + one geek chic item (accessories, jewelry, etc.)

HOW MANY ITEMS: 5-6 items

COST: $24.95 /month

VALUE: $40+


IT'S SKIN CLEANSING FOAM (Full Size - 150ml)

WHAT IT IS: The It's Skin Cleansing Foam brightens and moisturizes skin to keep it clear and oil free!
VARIETIES: Orange, Green Grape, Eggshell, Banana, or Pomegranate
RETAIL VALUE: $8.99 (claimed)   |   $6-9 (actual)

THOUGHTS: I received the Have A Orange Cleansing Foam, which is meant to brighten the skin since it contains Orange fruit extracts and Vitamin C derivatives. It's surprisingly a huge bottle (full size), and since it's one of those thick mochi/marshmallow foam type cleansers, it'll certainly last a long time. I'm excited to give this a try, but I currently have so many cleansers waiting in line, so it'll be a while before I can crack this open. :( I can already smell the fresh orange scent seeping out from the seal, and it's very energizing! 


WHAT IT IS: The Fascy Lip Essence Balm keeps your lips soft and moisturzied, while giving them a long-lasting tint!
VARIETIES: Scarlett Cherry, Tangerine Orange, Hot Pink, Coral
RETAIL VALUE: $13.99 (claimed)   |   $11-14 (actual)

THOUGHTS: I've never heard of the brand Fascy before! It's actually been pretty hard finding an Asian Beauty subscription box that introduces a new brand to me, so this makes me really happy and excited. I received the Tangerine Orange shade, which is a vibrant orange hue that gives the lips a pigmented, but sheer finish. The texture feels very creamy and moisturizing on the lips. It provides full coverage, wears about ~3 hours before fading, and it smells just like orange candy! Plus, it doesn't settle into fine lines or bunch up on dry spots. Overall, a great tinted balm to have on hand!

SNP WARMING EYE MASK (Full Size - 1 Mask)

WHAT IT IS: The SNP Warming Eye Mask relaxes fatigued eyes with a delicate warmth that leaves them feeling refreshed. Just place over the eyes before going to sleep, and snooze!
VARIETIES: Tiger or Panda
RETAIL VALUE: $4.50 (claimed)   |   $3-4 (actual)

THOUGHTS: I've used the SNP Warming Eye Masks in both the Tiger and Panda (there's no difference in product, just design) a handful of times now and I love them! They really do warm up the eyes once exposed to the air and it's really soothing and relaxing. My tired eyes feel more refreshed after wearing this! It's perfect for bringing along when traveling in a long car ride, airplane, train, or just for relaxing at home.


WHAT IT IS: The Mediheal Dress Code Face Mask is a sheet mask with a fun masquerade design printed on it. It contains an intensive formula to help moisture, soften, and revitalize the skin!
VARIETIES: Black, Violet, Blue, or Red
RETAIL VALUE: $4.50 (claimed)   |   $3 (actual)

THOUGHTS: I've heard so many good things about these masquerade masks! I received the Red variety which contains Ginseng. The mask itself is super saturated with essence, but somehow still manages to be drip- and mess-free! I'm not a huge fan of the strong ginseng scent, but the effects outweigh it by a landslide. The mask left my skin feeling hydrated, plump and bouncy to the touch. My skin tone was also brighter and more even all throughout!


WHAT IT IS: The Batman Choker is the special, geek chic gift for the month of October! The perfect accessory for any midnight vigilante mission, you're sure to feel like the Dark Knight himself!
RETAIL VALUE: $15 (claimed)   |   $10-14 (actual)

THOUGHTS: I was skeptical at first when I heard that this box had a special "geek chic" gift since I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised to find that the Batman Choker was of high quality leather/pleather and it's a licensed product from Bioworld! Personally, I couldn't see myself wearing a choker with the batman symbol on it (it's just not my style), so I just took it off with some pliers and now I have a pretty leather choker that goes with ANYTHING and everything. I liked how the gift was on trend with the choker craze at the moment too!

*TOTAL RETAIL VALUE (Actual): $33 - $44

*For the 'actual' prices, I did a quick Google Search and only looked at trusted stores it led me to to find the cheapest range of prices. There could be some discrepancies with shipping/tax/etc., but generally, these are the prices I found at other stores. 

All of the products included in the box are new with fresh manufacturing dates or expiration dates 2-3 years from now, which I really appreciate! The box also comes with an info card that features instructions and all of the products that came in the box already had ingredients in English on the packaging. 

Overall, I think the value of the box is pretty good! Even with buying these items separately from different stores (the actual price), the value of the box is still well over the price you pay, $24.95! I really respect how this company doesn't overly inflate the prices of the product. There may be a few bucks variation for some of the items (which might include shipping costs for them?), but generally the retail price of the box is solid. 

The only real qualm I had about this is that some of the individual prices of the products are cheaper in EsianMall's store than the value they claim to have in the box. For instance, the Mediheal Masks and the SNP Warming Masks claim to be worth $4.50 each, but they both retail for only $3 in EsianMall's own store! Besides that though, the value is pretty spot on.

Another fun factor that makes them stand out is that they have an awesome rewards system for their loyal subscribers! Included in each box is a little tag (don't forget to cut it out of the card), which you are supposed to collect. Yellow tags are the most common, red tags are less common with a 30% chance of getting one, and blue tags are the rarest (only 8% chance)! Once you save up enough tags, you can mail them in for several reward options depending on what tags you have, which you can see below! I think this whole rewards system is a fun twist that thanks the customers for staying loyal subscribers.


Overall, I enjoyed the nice mix of Korean cosmetics in Octobers EsianMall Beauty Box, ranging from sheet masks, eye masks, skincare products, and even a makeup item! This box only featured products from Korea for this month, so if you're big on K-beauty or new to it, I definitely recommend giving this a try! They don't try to inflate the overall value of the box, and most of the product retails values are pretty spot on. Plus, they include a helpful info card with English instructions!

1. You are new to Asian Beauty and want to try products from Korea
2. You're interested in Asian skincare and want to experience popular products
3. You want to get a bang for your buck!

If you're already a devoted Asian beauty lover, this box probably isn't for you since you probably already own most of these products. However, I did get to experience a new brand/product from this, so who knows! ^o^


The EsianMall Beauty Box costs $24.95 per month and is available at EsianMall.com, HERE

Click HERE to save $5 off your first month! :)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes from EsianMall, however this does not affect my review. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions. Post also contains a referral link.

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