Biggest Missha Sale of The Year (40% Off EVERYTHING) + My Fave Missha Picks!

Missha, one of my go-to K-beauty brands, just started off their massive Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales with a whopping 40% off EVERYTHING! It's easily one of their biggest sales of the year, so if you've had your eye on something, NOW is the time to get it! This sale started on 11/18 and lasts until 11/30, but don't wait because products can sell out! Missha also offers free shipping off of orders $40+, along with gifts with purchases, which I'll talk more about below.

I've put together a list of some of my all time favorite Missha Picks that I highly recommend picking up during the sale. Missha offers high quality formulas and for the sale price? It's unbeatable! And no, this post is in no way sponsored - it's just an amazing sale that rarely happens, and I wouldn't want you guys to miss out! :)

GREEN TEA LIP & EYE MAKEUP REMOVER - $4.80 (originally $8)

The Green Tea Lip & Eye Makeup Remover is my ride-or-die makeup remover! I've used up 5 bottles of this stuff already and I keep coming back to it. It's incredibly gentle, doesn't sting the eyes, doesn't give me blurry vision, and effortlessly whisks away makeup. This has reached Holy Grail status for me and what's better? It's less than $5 ($4.80 to be exact) after the discount! 

The First Treatment Essence Mist was my gateway product into Korean Beauty. It was one of the very first K-beauty skincare products I ever tried and I've been in love with it ever since. It's an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle mist that gently covers the face with the perfect amount of moisture for a naturally dewy appearance. No other mist seems to compare!

I had originally bought the Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence because I heard it was a dupe for the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and surprisingly, I actually prefer this one much more than the SK-II. This one is so much cheaper and smells much better than SK-II (is it just me, or does it stink?)! It gives me a brighter complexion, evened out skin tone, and supple skin!

TIME REVOLUTION CLEAR TONER - $16.80 (originally $28)
As a matter of fact, the entire Time Revolution line has proved to be amazing! Besides the essence and the mist, the Clear Toner is another love of mine. It's gentle, refreshing, and soothing on the skin. Plus, it removes all the dirt/makeup residue on my skin that I may have missed during cleansing and leaves me with an evenly toned complexion ready for more skincare.

SUPER AQUA PORE-KLING NOSE DUAL PATCH - $1.65 (originally $2.75)

I have a review of the Pore-Kling Nose Dual Patch coming up, hopefully I can get it out in before the sale ends, BUT this stuff is amazing. It's only a one use packet, but the effects last days after use! Think of this as a two-step sheet mask treatment for your nose. Nose strips are known to be bad for the skin, so these nose patches are a great gentle alternative that still gets the job done. My blackheads/sebaceous filaments (basically sebum filled pores) were practically nonexistent afterwards and my pore size was so minimized that I couldn't see them. My skin was so smooth, clear, and the best I've ever used from any nose treatment. Seriously.


The Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch comes in a box with 8 packet and each packet has 12 stickers of various sizes (that's 96 patches in total)! This is one of my favorite pimple patches for emergencies along with the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch. I like to use the Cosrx pimple patches for open or exposed pimples, while the Missha Anti Trouble Patch works wonders for closed pimples (or bumps without a head). I wake up to flatter and smaller pimples that are less red too! The patches are incredibly thin and clear, so you can even wear them throughout the day since they camouflage into the skin much better than other pimple patches I've used.

M REAL LASTING PEN LINER - $7.20 (originally $12)
Now on to makeup! :D The M Real Lasting Pen Liner is such a great staple especially for those of you who love liquid liner pens with brush tips! This features a super slim brush tip that makes it nearly impossible to mess up and trust me, I always mess up my winged liner LOL. The formula is incredibly long-lasting, and maybe a little too long lasting as it takes a little extra effort to remove, but I like how it really stays on and doesn't budge or smudge throughout the day! Plus, how beautiful is the packaging?!

GLAM ART ROUGE - $13.20 (originally $22)
If you're looking for a lipstick that provides comfort AND color, then look no further! The Glam Art Rouge is a creamy lipstick with incredible pigmentation and great color pay-off. It provides the lips with a hydrating and comfortable glossy finish. It feels really nourishing on throughout the day, and I always find myself reaching for these during the cooler months when my lips are super dry. If you're looking for more information or swatches on a few shades, check out my review I did a little while ago!

TRIPLE SHADOW - $4.80 (originally $8)
Missha's eyeshadows are a pretty solid pick, and they're super affordable too! The Triple Shadow is a little bit pricier than their singles, but you do get 3 shades in one that compliment each other. What I like about the Triple Shadows in particular is that they're super easy to use, and you can apply them with your finger! This is perfect for makeup beginners, or just for people who are always in a rush and need to apply shadows in just a few seconds. I've only tried a few, but Sand Wave is one of my favorites! Check out my review on these to know more and to see swatches of a few of these!

That's it for my favorite Missha makeup and skincare picks! There are a bunch of other good picks I constantly see recommended by other bloggers and youtubers like their sunscreens, cushions, or BB creams, but these are the only products I've personally tried and love! As for me, I'm definitely picking up a few back-ups of the Green Tea Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, a can of the First Treatment Essence Mist, and maybe a few Artistool brushes I've had my eye on.


The discount is already reflected on the prices shown on the website, but I'm not entirely sure if you can stack promo codes with this sale or not (I don't have any to try).

Missha is currently offering FREE SHIPPING with purchases over $40+ and a MISA Cho Gong Jin Mini Set (retail value of $30) as a Gift W/ Purchase over $60+!

PLUS, there was a banner at the top of the website promoting a FREE M Magic Cushion in shade #27 (retail value of $19) for New Members who make their first purchase of $40+!

If you ask me, I'd make a purchase of $40 at least to take advantage of the free shipping and get the most of my money! If you're a new member, you would get free shipping PLUS a free cushion (which works for light-medium/medium skin tones)! :)

I hope this guide was helpful, and do let me know if you have any recommendations for me to pick up during the sale! :D

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