REVIEW: BEIGE CHUU Ampoule Glotint in #132 Why Pink

BEIGE CHUU is one of the lesser known and harder to find K-beauty brands out there on the market, but they're definitely one of my favorites because of their cool-girl aesthetic, similar to Stylenanda, and their awesome makeup products! I've previously reviewed the BEIGE CHUU Lipstick in Gladiolous Pink and the Ampoule Glotint in #133 How Coral, but now I'm back again with another review. Today, I'll be reviewing the Ampoule Glotint, but in a new shade, Why Pink! :D


Gloss or Tint? The Ampoule Glotint is a perfect mixture of both Gloss + Tint... Glotint! Non-sticky, long-lasting formula with vivid, saturated color glides on smooth keeping lips moisturized. 

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The BEIGE CHUU Ampoule Glotint comes in 3 vibrant shades: #131 Where Red  |  #131 Why Pink  |  #133 How Coral

The Ampoule Glotint comes in a glossy all-black tube that looks super classy and sleek! It's a very nice contrast to the vibrant hues it houses. The tube comes with a twist-off cap that's connected to a triangular doe-foot applicator. 

This is unique in it's own because it has a flat body, but a pointed tip! The pointed tip helps make it easy to precisely apply the Glotint to the edges of the lips, while the flat body of the applicator is wide enough to spread the Glotint over the meat of the lips for quick, almost fool-proof application. Plus, the applicator is flexible and bends to the curves of your lips as you apply making it super easy to use.

The shade I'll be reviewing today is #132 Why Pink. Why Pink is a watermelon pink that is the most natural looking hue out of the three. It's vibrant enough to add a lively pop of color to any outfit or makeup look without going over the top, thanks to it's semi-opaque formula.

As the name suggests, the Ampoule Glotint has a formula that's similar to ampoule, as in it's super moisturizing and nourishing on the lips. 'Glotint' is the combination of a Gloss + Tint, but it combines the best of both worlds! It has all of the shine from a gloss, but without the stickiness or messiness, and the pigmentation and texture of a tint. The texture is thin and lightweight, resembling that of a gel tint and is a dream to apply because it just glides on over the lips. The Ampoule Glotint is also versatile -- it can be applied thinly for a more sheer and transparent look (like a gloss), or built up for a more saturated plump pout.

The formula itself feels amazing for a gloss/tint hybrid and truly is moisturizing, but it did indeed settle into my fine lines a little bit. It's not super noticeable, but it's worth pointing out. The glotint glides on so well and applies very evenly. However, the wear time is pretty short with my lips needing reapplication every few hours. Expect to have to reapply after eating, drinking, and etc. because after all, it's still sort of like a gloss and transfers easily, but it does leave behind a nice stain!

It's also very important to exfoliate well beforehand because it DOES cling on to dead skin, making it look uneven, and this is for both of the Ampoule Glotints I've tried. Nevertheless, application is really easy with the Ampoule Glotint thanks to the non-sticky formula! It can be worn blended out in a gradient lip, or allover for full-on color!


I love everything about the texture of the BEIGE CHUU Ampoule Glotint -- it's super glossy and moisturizing on the lips! It's a beautiful watermelon pink that can be dressed up or down, but it did settle into my fine lines a little bit and clung to my dry spots. This can easily be fixed by exfoliating the lips beforehand though! Regardless, it has an awesome moisturizing texture that glides onto the lips like a dream and isn't sticky at all. I give this two thumbs up, and would definitely recommend it to those who are tired of matte lips!


The Beige Ampoule Glotint retails for $22 and is available in all three shades at Cupidrop.comHERE!

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  1. It looks so beautiful on you :D
    Great tip on exfoliating lips beforehand glotint came out much better!

    1. Thank you so much and I'm glad my little tip worked for you! :D

  2. The color really suits you and I do love what you say about the moisturizing properties and how it glides on the lips. A pity it settles into the lines and clings to the dry patches. Do you think that this is mainly because of the lighter color? Usually more reddish shades do not do that as often as the pink ones.

    1. Thank you! :D

      I also thought that it might be due to the lighter color, but I'm not completely sure. I've also tried the shade How Coral and it also settles into the lines and clings to dry patches a bit. However, both of these shades are pretty light, so it might make those flaws more obvious than darker or redder shades!

      I'll have to pick up the Where Red and try it out because I do love this formula a lot! :)