REVIEW: Heimish Dailism Serum Rouge (Lunch Break, Midday Sun, Early Bright)

 Heimish has quickly become one of my favorite Korean makeup brands as of late - their classy + cool aesthetic coupled with their high quality palettes and formulas have really won me over! I've reviewed several of their products before with a few favorites being their Dailism Eyeshadow Palettes (Breeze Beige and Cozy Coral), their Artless Glow Base, and the Dailism Blusher Palette.

It's about time I tried their lip products, because lets be real, a girl can never have enough lipsticks. ;) I recently picked up a few of the Heimish Dailism Serum Rouge, courtesy of Jolse, which I'll be swatching and reviewing today!


RETAIL PRICE: $16 ($13.60 + free shipping at

The Heimish Dailism Serum Rouge comes housed in a sleek brownish gunmetal tube with a secure magnetic locking mechanism. Like most lipsticks, it twists up from the bottom half of the tube and everything is very easy to use and access. The packaging is clearly made of high quality materials and has some weight to it, which adds to it's classy appearance. 

The "Dailism" Serum Rouge is available in a total of 8 different hues ranging from both cool and warm-toned pinks, corals, neutrals and more!

Out of the 8 shades, I picked up 3 for todays review:


Early Bright is a rosy pink nude with a semi-sheer and glossy finish. It's my ideal MLBB, or "My Lips But Better," color that's perfect for daily wear. I did notice minimal settling of the formula into my fine lines, but since it's close to my natural lip color, it isn't very noticeable.


Lunch Break is a cool toned light strawberry pink with a semi-sheer and glossy finish. This shades reminds me of a Barbie pink! It's one of my favorites since it adds a pop of color to the face without going overboard or being to bright. The lipstick applies a little streaky/patchily, however, after a few minutes, the formula full melts onto the lips creating a much more even coat. Again, I did notice some settling into my fine lines.


Midday Sun is a bright orangey coral with a semi-sheer and glossy finish. This shade was my least favorite as it initially applied the most streaky and the vibrancy made it more apparent. Like the other two shades, this one also settled into my fines lines, but since it's a brighter hue, it was more noticeable with this shade.

These lipsticks have an ultra creamy formula that melted like butter on the lips. Though the lipstick is semi-sheer, the pigmentation was very saturated and enveloped my lips in a hydrating coat of color. These are so easy to apply as they glide on effortlessly and leave behind a glossy finish that wasn't sticky. It felt super comfortable and lightweight on the lips, very similar to a moisturizing lip balm!

The good thing is that because of it's hydrating and moisturizing properties, the lipstick didn't bunch up or emphasize any dry patches. Instead, it helped minimize and disguise the appearance of dryness by created a smooth coating over it. However, these lipsticks were a little bit TOO creamy to the point where it would settle into my fine lines when applying multiple layers. I find it best to apply just one layer (maybeee two), but any more results in it sitting in the crevices of your lips.

One thing to note is that these lipsticks take about a minute to settle in on the lips. After initial application, the lipstick does look pretty patchy, streaky, and unattractive, but after a minute or two the formula full melts into an even coverage that hugs the lips with moisture. Once it settles, it transforms into a beautiful glossy coat of color perfect for daily wear since they're low maintenance, comfortable on the lips, and lightweight! 

Unfortunately, the "Dailism" Serum Rouge were not very long-lasting and they transferred easily. It's not surprising as glossy finishes and creamy formulas tend to wear off quickly, especially when eating or drinking. For me these lipsticks only wore for about 4 hours before fully wearing off.


I have very mixed feelings about the "Dailism" Serum Rouge because I absolutely ADORE the creamy, comfortable melt-like-butter formula that just hugs the lips with a lightweight hydrating coat, but they were just overly creamy and as you know, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. They glided effortlessly on the lips, which is great for application, but they also transferred really easily and settled into my fine lines further drawing attention to them. Personally, they're not my cup of tea, but with a little extra added effort, they can be manageable!


The Heimish Dailism"Serum Rouge is currently on sale for $13.60 and is available in all 8 shades on! They are also available on Amazon, HERE!

 Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes courtesy of Jolse, however that has no effect on the review itself. All reviews are my own honest opinions.

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